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ER #343, December 2017


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 The 813 Powers the Compact 80M Beast Tom Marcellino, W3BYM Transmitters
11 Another Look at the Bonomo Mowhawk Mods, Pt. 2 John Treichler, KJ6SAV Receivers
18 The Other D104 Dave-Gordon Smith, G3UUR Companies and Individuals
25 2018 KDØHG Heavy Metal Rally Electric Radio, Miscellaneous - Operating
26 The VX-101: Rare Post-WWII Transmitters/Exciters Ron Pollack, K2RP Transmitters
32 Eico 666 Harbor Freight Tube Tester Meter Mods Charles Hallock, AA3WS Miscellaneous - Technical
34 On the Bench: The Toughest Bug I Never Shot Keith Kunde, K8KK Miscellaneous - Technical
38 Radios Now Selling for More than Their New Cost George Misic, KE8RN Miscellaneous - General
42 Photos ER Readers, Miscellaneous - General
43 ER Mailbag Dave Ishmael, WA6VVL Mailbag
44 Special Events ER Readers, Miscellaneous - General
45 Vintage Nets ER Readers, Vintage Nets
46 Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers, Classifieds


ER #343, December 2017

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