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ER #342, November 2017


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 Another Look at the K6AD Mods to the Mohawk, Pt. 1 John Treichler, KJ6SAV Receivers
8 The Espey R-366/TRR-5 HF Receiver Jim Hanlon, W8KGI Receivers
15 Restoring a 1947 Hallicrafters S-36A/RBK-15 Rcvr Larry Will, W3LW Receivers
23 The National HRO-500 VFO: A Better Way Tom Rousseau, K7PJT Receivers
27 The Swan 100MX Transceiver George Misic, KE8RN Transceivers
31 J.B. Jenkins, W5EU, SK: A Lifetime of Radio Art Jay Miller, KK5IM Silent Keys
36 Alan Butement and his WWII Radio Engineering Ray Robinson, VK2NO Companies and Individuals
45 Article Update: The Galaxy V Transceiver Jim Miccolis, N2EY Transceivers
46 Special Event Station and Short Circuits ER Readers, Miscellaneous - General
47 More About the August 2017 Electric Radio Cover Charlie Liberto, W4MEC Miscellaneous - General
49 Vintage Nets ER Readers, Vintage Nets
50 Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers, Classifieds


ER #342, November 2017

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