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ER #335, April 2017


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
2 Testing a Cathode Modulator for the Heathkit AT-1 Jon Kannegaard, K6JEK Transmitters
7 Command Set Receiver Surprises Mike Murphy, WU2D Receivers
13 An Evolution of Thermatron Homebrew Techniques Grayson Evans, KJ7UM Construction
20 Restoration Corner: Into the Military BC-348R Rcvr Charles Hallock, AA3WS Receivers
27 Vintage Nets ER Readers, Vintage Nets
28 On The Bench: The Heath MM1; Hallicrafters HA-1 John Gibson, NO8V and Rob Atkinson, K5UJ Test Equipment
30 ER Mailbag ER Readers, Mailbag
31 Hamfest Calendar ER Readers, Hamfests/Conventions
32 The Drake 2-NT Transmitter George Misic, KE8RN Transmitters
36 The Watkins-Johnson 8716/8718-Series Receivers Paolo Viappiani, Receivers
48 Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers, Classifieds


ER #335, April 2017

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