ER #323, April 2016


Issue Contents

2The First Wireless BugMike Katzdorn, KB3LFXMiscellaneous General
7Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
8Let’s Increase Your Speech ArticulationBob Heil, K9EIDAudio and Modulation
12Viking II-CDC Part 1: Espionage and the Venona ProPhil Legate, ACØOBTransmitters
16AC Hum Reduction for the Heathkit GR-54John Treichler, KJ6SAVModifications
24The “Sweetheart” Set, A Midget WWII ReceiverDave Gordon-Smith, G3UURReceivers
31Performing Radio Maintenance SafelyBilly Echols, NI5FTest Equipment
36Gonset Tunable Converters, RecycledJim Riff, K7SCReceivers
40PhotosER Readers,Photographs of Hams
44Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only!ER Readers,Classifieds


Electric Radio #323, April 2016

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