ER #316, September 2015


Issue Contents

0KU6X,Photographs of Hams
0NU6X,Photographs of Hams
2An Appropriately Brief Look at the Postal Radio CompanyHalverson,Companies and Individuals
7Scoping Out the Lambda MM-2 Monitor ScopePatterson,Audio and Modulation
14DV-10A Dynaverter, TheLong,Military
34Heathkit Mohican: A Solid-State, General-Coverage Receiver, The (GC-1A)Misic,Receivers
13Miscellaneous - GeneralShortwave Radio Journey, A,Bowman
20Collecting Surplus Police Radios, ER in UniformFors,Miscellaneous - Technical
30Old Time FMField',Miscellaneous - Technical
38Collins Mechanical Filters, the beginningOsterwald,Miscellaneous – Technical


ER #316, September 2015

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