ER #313, June 2015


Issue Contents

0W2ZIA,Photographs of Hams
2How to Dismantle a BC-191/375 Transmitter, Part 2Murphy,W2ZIA
4WU2D,Photographs of Hams
11W1VTP,Photographs of Hams
11Photographs of Hams,Photographs of Hams
13Miscellaneous – TechnicalBittner,Miscellaneous – Technical
20An Alternative Mount for the BC-348 Radio ReceiverPlatt,Military
24Telrad 18A Frequency Standard, The (Hallicrafters HT-7)Cox,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
30Mysteries of the Rock Continues: FT-243 Frequency Drift vs. Crystal CurrentIshmael,Miscellaneous – Technical
36Sandwich Box Transmitter – Revisited, TheLamb,Construction
40WA6VVL,Photographs of Hams
41WA6VVL,Photographs of Hams
41W7MKA,Photographs of Hams
41WA6RBQ,Photographs of Hams
41WA6VVL,Photographs of Hams
41WB6VMI,Photographs of Hams
41Robert Hanson,Photographs of Hams
44KZ9L,Photographs of Hams
45N6YW,Photographs of Hams
45W2ZIA,Photographs of Hams
45W6RXK,Photographs of Hams


ER #313, June 2015

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