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ER #312, May 2015


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
0 Caitlin Halverson , Photographs of Non-Hams
2 How to Dismantle a BC-191/375 Transmitter, Part 1 Murphy, Military
12 KD6OS High-PoweCompact Transmit-Receive Audio Monitor, Ared Mobile Station, The Marcellino, Construction
18 Very Special AN/PRC-1, A Katzdorn, Military
25 X-Lock Stabilizer for the Swan VFO Gilger, Modifications
29 Adapting A Hickock Tube Tester Island Hall, Test Equipment
31 Improvements for the Knight T-150 Transmitter Legate, Modifications
39 Heathkit Malmstadt-Enke Model EUW-27 Sine and Square Wave Generator Ishmael, Test Equipment


ER #312, May 2015

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