ER #311, April 2015


Issue Contents

0WA3CEX,Photographs of Hams
0WB6ACU,Photographs of Hams
2Difficulties with a Drake L4B Amplifier and Related MusingsPlatt,Modifications
6DX-35 Upgrades and Improvements (Heathkit)Legate,Modifications
14Heathkit Malmstadt-Enke Model EUW-25 3” DC Oscilloscope, TheIshmael,Test Equipment
19Reverse Engineering, or Cloning? Knight 50 Watt Transmitter vs. EFJ AdventurerPollack,Transmitters
23Determining the Incremental Inductance of a Filter ChokeSvoboda,Miscellaneous – Technical
26Mysterious Type 6000 Tube, TheSvoboda,Miscellaneous – Technical
28FR-149/USM-159 Heterodyne Frequency Meter, Part 2, TheLong,Military
35VE3DOE (In 1958),Photographs of Hams
38Update: Some Thoughts snd Observations on the Barker & Williamson 5100Svoboda,Transmitters
39Heathkit SB-500 Two Meter SSB-CW Transverter, TheMisic,Miscellaneous – Technical
44Dr. Daniel Noble,Photographs of Non-Hams


ER #311, April 2015

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