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ER #310, March 2015


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
0 Photographs of Hams , Photographs of Hams
2 Oscar Hammarlund (In 1910) , Photographs of Hams
2 Hole in Hammarlund History: The Comet, The Halverson, Receivers
9 The Dark Knight Arises: Knight R-100 Receiver Improvments Legate, Modifications
16 Ham Looks at the Knight Kit R-100A and Likes It, A Wherry, Receivers
18 Adding External 40 Meter VFO Capability Marcellino, Miscellaneous – Technical
24 U.S. Military's First Encounter with FM Radio, a Landmark Photograph, The Katzdorn, Military
28 Edward J. Hickey Marquie, Photographs of Non-Hams
31 Twentieth Annual meeting of the West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group , Hamfests/Conventions
32 FR-149/USM-159 Heterodyne Frequency Meter, Part 1, The Long, Military
46 Article Update: Upgrading Receiver AGC in the National NCX-5 MK II Crosher, Modifications


ER 310, March 2015

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