ER #31, November 1991

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Issue Contents

0W9CN (W8UEO 1940),Photographs of Hams
2Reflections Down the Feedline (W6TO Transmitter)Huntley,Miscellaneous - Technical
3W2IQ,Photographs of Hams
3Two Homebrew TransmittersClark,Transmitters
4BC-348 Receiver, ER In UniformHutchens,Military
10The First Fifty Years of Sideband, Part 1Musgrove,Single Sideband
11K5BZH,Photographs of Hams
16K5FZ,Photographs of Hams
16Antique Single SidebandPalmer,Single Sideband
18Antique Electronic SupplyArnett,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Bulbs for Collins Lighted Speakers, ReplacementOsterwald,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Ranger and Valiant Bandswitch Problem, Cure For theMatson,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Wire, Coating For Cloth CoveredOsterwald,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
1910 Meter Contest ... Great!Wiseman,Contests
19Annoucing 20 Meter 'Allnighter', Nov. 30Wiseman,Contests
19Vintage CW Net ActivityWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Collins Linear PTO, Part 2, TheOsterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
26K0BS,Photographs of Hams
26K5CF,Photographs of Hams
27K3NFS,Photographs of Hams
27K3USC,Photographs of Hams
27KO3L,Photographs of Hams
27N2BAU,Photographs of Hams
27N2INR,Photographs of Hams
27N3GWE,Photographs of Hams
27N3HFB,Photographs of Hams
27N3IYP,Photographs of Hams
27N4QAS,Photographs of Hams
27NO3E,Photographs of Hams
27W2XC,Photographs of Hams
27W3BJZ,Photographs of Hams
27W3NFY,Photographs of Hams
27W8RXP,Photographs of Hams
27W8VYZ,Photographs of Hams
27WA3GKX,Photographs of Hams
27WA3JJT,Photographs of Hams
27WA3VJB,Photographs of Hams
27WB2MJH,Photographs of Hams
27WB3ETN,Photographs of Hams
27WB3FRY,Photographs of Hams


 ER #31, November 1991

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