ER #306, November 2014


Issue Contents

0K9EID,Photographs of Hams
2Vintage Active Audio Filter, AMarcellino,Construction
9Command Receivers: The Case for their Preservation and for Rebuilding their CapacitorsLong,Military
23Unamplified D-104 Microphone Wired for Balanced Output to Feed a Push-Pull PreamplifierChester,Audio and Modulation
31Hammarlund R-620 – Rarest of all Boat Anchor Receivers?, TheSandeen,Military
41Measuring the Frequency of a Receiver OscillatorSvoboda,Miscellaneous – Technical
42Transmitter Spot Switch Modification, AMarcellino,Modifications
44Bob's 57 T-BirdHeil,Miscellaneous - General
45K9EID,Photographs of Hams
45WB6ACU,Photographs of Hams


ER #306, November 2014

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