ER #304, September 2014


Issue Contents

0AE6SD,Photographs of Hams
2National Receiver Construction Kit, BM:282, Almost an NC-33, TheHanlon,Receivers
12Improving AGC for the Hammarlund HQ-180 and Heathkit Mohawk ReceiversCovelli,Modifications
17Book Review: Tube Type TransmittersOsterwald,Reviews
18No-Modifications Use of the BC-453 as a Q5-er for Most Vintage/Surplus SetsLong,Military
32Johnson Desk Kilowatt Fan Fix,Corrections
34URM-25D Signal Generator's Power Switch, TheMarcellino,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
35Solid State Tube ReplacementsJenkins,Miscellaneous – Technical
35Zener Diode Protection for Vintage Solid State EquipmentMisic,Miscellaneous – Technical
36Lafayette KT-200 UpdateLewis,Receivers
38Central Electronics GC-1 Gated Compression AmplifierPollack,Audio and Modulation


Electric Radio #304, September 2014

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