ER #3, July 1989

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Issue Contents

0K7POF,Photographs of Hams
2Modulator, A Legal LimitKleronomos,Construction
10W5PYTHohertz,Companies and Individuals
10W5PYT,Photographs of Hams
12Ultimate Boatanchor, The (T-368)Wheeler,Military
12K9BBA,Photographs of Hams
17Rambling Ode to the 6L6 and 807, AHanlon,Miscellaneous - Technical
20ARRL National Convention/HamcomPalmer,Contests
20K5FZ,Photographs of Hams
20W0VT,Photographs of Hams
20WA5VGO,Photographs of Hams
21K5BAI,Photographs of Hams
21K5LLK,Photographs of Hams
21KA5FGS,Photographs of Hams
21KB5IWX,Photographs of Hams
21WA5MOE,Photographs of Hams
21WD5EHS,Photographs of Hams
22W2HBEDennison,Photographs of Hams
22W2HBE,Photographs of Hams
25T-368-C audio ModsSitterley,Modifications
26Reflections Down the FeedlineHuntley,Miscellaneous - General
26W6RNC,Photographs of Hams


ER #3, July 1989

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