Electric Radio Magazine - Symbolic Publishing Company

ER #299, April 2014


Issue Contents

0WA6HDY,Photographs of Hams
2Hammarlund HQ-160, Another Edsel of Amateur Radio, ThePlatt,Receivers
8Globe Master, A One Kilowatt AM Transmitter, Part 3, TheHurrass,Construction
20Compactron Regulated Power Supply, ABittner,Construction
28An Easy Way to Add 17 and 12 Meters to a Butternut HV-6 AntennaWill,Antennas
36Pill Bottle T/R Relay, TheGuretzky,Construction
38Replicating an Electronics Illustrated Command Control Center for the Command Receivers, with an Added Safety FeatureD'Antuono,Construction'
35WA6HDY in 1960,Photographs of Hams
35David Doermann in 1960,Photographs of Non-Hams


ER #299, April 2014