ER #298, March 2014


Issue Contents

0WA7YBSCusick,Photographs of Hams
2Globe Master, A One Kilowatt AM Transmitter, Part 2, TheHurrass,Construction
15Elusive Air Champ 200, TheSanchez,Construction
15WA5TCZ,Photographs of Hams
20Lafayette HA-410 10-Meter AM Transceiver, TheCovelli,Transceivers
26Fixing Broken Ceramic Trimmers in a BC-348White,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
30Tom's Scope SaverMarcellino,Test Equipment
32Mysteries of the Rock (Crystals)Ishmael,Miscellaneous - Technical
38More Universal Boatanchor VFO Keying Interface, AMiller,Miscellaneous - Technical
32R-390A Automatic Gain Control Circuits', 'OsterwaldOsterwald,Military
422013 ER Heavy Metal Rally, TheOsterwald,Contests
43K9ZK,Photographs of Hams
43W0KH,Photographs of Hams
44K9ZK,Photographs of Hams
44W9UD,Photographs of Hams
44W9WRL,Photographs of Hams
45N2AM,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #298, March 2014