ER #296, January 2014


Issue Contents

0WA4JLIEly,Photographs of Hams
2How to Neutralize Your TransmitterMurphy,Miscellaneous - Technical
14Hammond Modulation Transformer Specification UpdateOsterwald,Reviews
15U.S. Navy Type GF Transmitter, Part 2, TheLong,Military
27W4QBE,Photographs of Hams
34Frank Jones Lives On! (One Tube Push-Pull Transmitter)Shutt,Miscellaneous - Technical
40Clegg 66'er and 22'er: AM VHF Transmitter/Receivers of the 1960'sMisic,Transceivers
45Classic Exchange CX, Winter 2014Pollack,Contests
46Hallicrafter S-40B Article, The (IF Transformer Comments)Hudson,Modifications
47My New FCC Radiotelegraph LicenseJohnston,Miscellaneous - General
48My Experience with Fistell's Electronics in Denver, ColoradoMuir,Miscellaneous - General


Electric Radio #296, January 2014