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ER #294, November 2013


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
12 AGC Amplifier Using Remote-cutoff Pentodes, An Hale, Bromley, Construction
38 1939 Novice, A Teeters, Miscellaneous - General
15 Southern California AM\'ers Cook Up a Good Time Tyburczy, Miscellaneous - Operating
18 Push to Talk Circuit for the Viking II, A Stalls, Modifications
26 How to Repair a Receiver, Part 3 Hanlon, Receivers
4 S-37 and it\'s Predecessors, The: Hallicrafters UHF Receivers, Part 1 Grinder, Receivers
20 Story of Two Radios, The, Part 2 Vaughan, Receivers
2 Collins KWM-1, The Saga of a Affleck, Transceivers


Electric Radio #294, November 2013