ER #292, September 2013


Issue Contents

0Vicky Shinji,Photographs of Non-Hams
2Bug Off, Bug - The Fine Art of Debugging Homebrew ReceiversVaughan,Miscellaneous - Technical
10Collins 62S-1, The, A Six and Two Meter Transverter for the KWM-2 and S-LineMisic,Transmitters
16Uncommon Collins CU-286/FRR-33 Antenna Coupler, TheViappiani,Military
22World War II Intrique with Al, Joan and EleanorKuraner,Military
25BC-223 Update: The Mystery Callsign KN9BOF and NL7XM the Callsign HistorianLong,Military
28HP 141T Spectrum Analyzer Fuse BlowingQuinn,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
30Repairing the Ocean Hopper (and others) 7-Pin Wafer SocketIshmael,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
31Transformer Rewind ServiceSellen,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
32Transmitter Operated Muting For the RCA Radiomarine CRM-R6A ReceiverCrosher,Modifications
38An 80-Meter Inverted Bow Tie Antenna With an Add-On 160-Meter ResonatorFelton,Antennas
40Eldico SSB-100F, TheHarris,Transmitters
40K0BS,Photographs of Hams
40K4FNY,Photographs of Hams
40KK5IM,Photographs of Hams
40KN4HH,Photographs of Hams
40W2CQH,Photographs of Hams
40W4AX,Photographs of Hams
40WB5WUX,Photographs of Hams
41Vintage Military Radio Net ART-13 RoundupMurphy,Photographs of Hams
41W6TOM,Photographs of Hams
42W4DVQ,Photographs of Hams
43W6JRY,Photographs of Hams
45Follow-up: Central Electronics and Wes Schums Preserving the History0Maier,Companies and Individuals


ER Issue #292, September 2013