ER #291, August 2013


Issue Contents

0W4WTO,Photographs of Hams
1Fall 2013 Classic Exchange, CX, TheOsterwald,Contests
2Homebrew Broadcast Band DX Receiver, ABittner,Construction
12Pre-Production R-390 Receiver, TheLunstrum,Military
16Discovery of a Genuine Cosmos PTO for the R-390 (non-A) ReceiverSchmid, K8MLV/0Military
22W9DYV (In 1944),Photographs of Hams
22Central Electronics and Wes Schum, Preserving the HistoryMaier,Companies and Individuals
24W9DYV (In 1959),Photographs of Hams
25W9DYVMaier,Photographs of Hams
26K5EFMaier,Photographs of Hams
26W0YVAMaier,Photographs of Hams
26W1LSBMaier,Photographs of Hams
26W9DYVMaier,Photographs of Hams
28Near-fest XIII, May 04, 2013Maier,Hamfests/Conventions
28K1ANX,Photographs of Hams
29KB1FQG,Photographs of Hams
29W1RC,Photographs of Hams
30K4XAR,Photographs of Hams
30K9EID,Photographs of Hams
30W1LSB,Photographs of Hams
30Sarah Heil,Photographs of Hams
30NAB Ham Radio Reception on April 10, 2013Maier,Photographs of Hams
31Muting the Drake SW-1 AM ReceiverRingo,Photographs of Hams


We expect the August issue #291 to be mailed August 6. Please check this page the week of August 5 for the exact day!