ER #290, July 2013


Issue Contents

0K1JHMMaier,Photographs of Hams
0KA1GONMaier,Photographs of Hams
0KW1IMaier,Photographs of Hams
0KW2KMaier,Photographs of Hams
0W2ILAMaier,Photographs of Hams
0William Van LennepMaier,Photographs of Non-Hams
2Hammarlund HQ-129X Receiver, TheMarcellino, K8MLV/0Receivers
9Rebuilding the B&W L-1000A Power Supply (Soft Start)Ishmael,Modifications
17Son of DK-60 Coaxial Relay, TheKunde,Construction
25BC-223, Part 2, TheLong,Military
34Rebuilding the Everady #411 BatteryMurphy,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
35How to Make Your Own Bias BatteriesNickels,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
38AM International Annual BBQ,Hamfests/Conventions
40K6JCA,Photographs of Hams
40K6JEK,Photographs of Hams
40KQ6F,Photographs of Hams
40W6OZI,Photographs of Hams
41K2RP,Photographs of Hams
42K3SFS,Photographs of Hams
42W0KH,Photographs of Hams
42W3GMS,Photographs of Hams
42WB2FOU,Photographs of Hams
43National NC-108T Rebuild Project, TheTeeters,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
44Book Review: Hollow State DesignOsterwald,Reviews


ER #290, July 2013

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