ER #29, September 1991

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Issue Contents

0WA4KCY,Photographs of Hams
2Reflections Down the Feedline (Old Days in NYC)Huntley,Miscellaneous - General
3AM Power Issue UpdateGagnon,Regulations
4MBF Transceiver, The - ER in UniformHutchens,Military
11W0JOL,Photographs of Hams
11W3ZIF,Photographs of Hams
12Desktop 500 Watter Using 4-125A Tetrodes, AHoward,Transmitters
18Stabilant 22AKleronomos,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
19Noticeably DriftyWiseman,Miscellaneous - General
19Vintage CW NetWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
20ART-13, Improve And Maintain thatKleronomos,Modifications
24Collins 30K Series, Vintage Product ReviewGreen,Transmitters
29Book Review - Communications Receivers, The Vacuum Tube Era: 1932 - 1981 2nd Ed.Wiseman,Reviews


ER #29, September 1991

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