ER #288, May 2013


Issue Contents

0W7JSC,Photographs of Hams
1W9DYV Boatanchors Field DayTusa,Contests
2Build a 1929 TNT Replica Transmitter (A.K.A. Single Control Transmitter)Marcellino,Construction
12Hammarlund HQ-215, TheHanlon,Receivers
19Confessions of an AccumulatorShutt,Miscellaneous - General
22Regulators, TheMurphy,Miscellaneous - Technical
32Lew McCoy Three-Band One-Tube 6DQ6A Novice Transmitter, TheEnemarkav,Construction
36Comcraft CTR-144 2M AM/FM Transceiver, TheRiff,Transceivers
38My Continuing Boatanchor Experiement (DDS VFO)Miller,Construction


ER #213, May 2013

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