ER #283, December 2012


Issue Contents

0K0DASHalverson,Photographs of Hams
0WA3CEXHalverson,Photographs of Hams
1Bill Kleronomos, KD0HGOsterwald,Silent Keys
3Novice Christmas, ASmith,Miscellaneous - General
9Hammarlund HC-10 Receiving Converter, ThePollack,Receivers
14Poor Man's HP-410C VTVM, A (Heath IM-18)Craner,Modifications
21Heathkit IP-32 Power Supply Revisited, TheIshmael,Test Equipment
26Collins Radio 180S-1, TheGrinder,Miscellaneous - Technical
38K7AK,Photographs of Hams
39Adventures with the BC-610Gordon,Military
43First FM Tuner for Automobiles, TheMisic,Miscellaneous - Technical
45K2RP,Photographs of Hams
46Spokane Sept 2012 Hamfest,Hamfests/Conventions


ER #283, December 2012

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