ER #279, August 2012

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Issue Contents

0KE7MFWHalverson,Photographs of Hams
2Low-Power AM Transmitter that Anyone Can Build, ANickels,Construction
10Hammarlund HQ-200 Receiver: The Product at the End, TheMisic ,Receivers
14Stoner Pro 80-10 SSB Transceiver, TheTeeters,Transceivers
17Classic Exchange, ThePollack,Contests
20Hammarlund HQ-180A, A Vintage Product Review, Part 2, TheOsterwald,Receivers
30Bob Dennison, W2HBE, A Personal RemembranceThomas,Companies and Individuals
44W9DYV Single-Sideband Meet a SuccessTusa,Hamfests/Conventions
44W9DYV,Photographs of Hams
457th Annual N7RCA Swap Meet, Minden Nevada,Photographs of Hams
45KE7MFW,Photographs of Hams
46W6JRY,Photographs of Hams
46W6SHF,Photographs of Hams
47West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group Meet,Photographs of Hams
47K6FWT,Photographs of Hams
47W6TOM,Photographs of Hams
48W7TTY West Coast - Junque Run,Photographs of Hams
48K4EEG,Photographs of Hams
48N6JP,Photographs of Hams
48W7TTY,Photographs of Hams
48WB6AZP,Photographs of Hams


ER #279, August 2012

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