ER #277, June 2012


Issue Contents

0W5TMG,Photographs of Hams
2Heathkit TT-1A, Mutual Conductance Tube Tester RestorationEisenbrey,Test Equipment
12Some Modifications for the Heathkit HW-16, Part 2Gordon,Modifications
23Davco DR-30, A Hot Receiver in a Tiny Package, TheMisic,Receivers
28Hallicrafters ARR-7, T-45 HF Receiver, TheRiff,Military
32Improving the SX-140Stock,Modifications
39WA6OPE,Photographs of Hams
40The Rainbow Rig (Marconi T1154/R1155)Rock,Military
46W6BNBRoberts,Photographs of Hams
46Robert L. Shrader, W6BNBBruene,Silent Keys


Electric Radio #277, June 2012

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