ER #273, February 2012


Issue Contents

0W3BYM,Photographs of Hams
2Viking 1-Half Classic TransmitterMarcellino,Construction
8W3BYM,Photographs of Hams
10Collins S-Line Troubleshooting and Repair AdventureWhite,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
16Aurora Repeater Association Swapfest,Hamfests/Conventions
16Northern Cal Second Gold Country Swap Meet and Roast,Hamfests/Conventions
17Restoring a Johnson Courier AmplifierKunde,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
28So, You Want to Build a Control ConsoleFarrer,Construction
28K6KBE,Photographs of Hams
40AN/FRR-87 Automatic Guard Receiving Terminal, TheWhite,Military
432011 Electric Radio Heavy Metal Rally Report, TheOsterwald,Contests
44K0ARA,Photographs of Hams
45K9ZK,Photographs of Hams
45KC9REW,Photographs of Hams
45N9LZG,Photographs of Hams
45N9OVC,Photographs of Hams
45W0KH,Photographs of Hams
45W9QI,Photographs of Hams
45W9UD,Photographs of Hams
45W9WRL,Photographs of Hams
45WA9LT,Photographs of Hams
45WO9DX,Photographs of Hams
46N9LZG,Photographs of Hams
47KC9REW,Photographs of Hams
47W9WRL,Photographs of Hams
47WO9DX,Photographs of Hams
48KB7OCY,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #273, February 2012

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