ER #272, January 2012


Issue Contents

0KM4RC,Photographs of Hams
2Visit to Historic KPH, The RCA Pacific Coast Maritime Station, AWill,Miscellaneous - General
3W6AWO,Photographs of Hams
8W6AEO,Photographs of Hams
14Just Another Grounded-Grid Amperex 3-400Z Amplifier. Part 3Ishmael,Construction
21Antique Wireless Association Schedule of 2012 On-The-Air EventsWalker,Contests
22Ringo Antenna, TheLambert,Antennas
26AC Power Supply for the AN/GRC-9, SCR-694 (BC-1306), and the 102E Radio Sets, AnPlatt,Construction
32Some Reflections on the Chinese 102E ReceiverBittner,Receivers
37Retrospective of Life at the Heath Company, ABuchanan,Companies and Individuals
38W8RTY,Photographs of Hams
42Heathkit BE-2, TheLong,Test Equipment
46The Old Hallicrafters BuildingDailey,Companies and Individuals
46Signal-One CX-7 Article CorrectionsSherwood,Corrections
47Receiver for Fifi, A (BC-348 need for B-29 Aircraft)Duncan,Military


ER #272, January 2012

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