ER #271, December 2011


Issue Contents

0K6KBE,Photographs of Hams
2Just Another Grounded-Grid Amperex 3-400Z Amplifier. Part 2Ishmael,Construction
10Christmas EnchantmentBowman,Miscellaneous - General
11Reconstruction of the Historic 1922 Regenerative Receiver by John L. Reinartz, W1QP, ABittner,Construction
19Uncommon Nems-Clarke 2801A UHF Surveillance Receiver, TheViappiani,Receivers
32Book Review: Surviving Technology, By Bruce Vaughan, NR5QIshmael,Reviews
344Signal-One CX-7, The First All-In-One Dream Rig, TheMisic,Transceivers
422012 Classic Exchange Contest RulesMacauly,Contests
44W3LW,Photographs of Hams


ER #271, December 2011

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