ER #265, June 2011


Issue Contents

2Technical Material Corporation GPR-90-RX Rec and GSB-1 Sideband AdapterSpivack,Receivers
9Tinkering with a 1929 MOPAHanlon,Miscellaneous - Technical
22Effective 80-Meter Transmitting Antenna for Small Properties, AnThuren,Antennas
24An Easy, Variable-Voltage DC Power SupplyRiff,Construction
26Ocean Hopper with a TRF Stage, Part 2, AnBittner,Construction
30Tube Socket RepairsSmart,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
30Universal Boatanchor LubricantParker,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
31ART-13 Output Network Simplified, TheSvoboda,Military
39Restoring the National Selecto-O-Ject,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
39W6OZI,Photographs of Hams
39Rare Hallicrafters Radio Found (Skymaster Deluxe)Halverson,Receivers
41W6GER,Photographs of Hams
41W6TOM,Photographs of Hams
41W7QHO,Photographs of Hams
42KA0SKK,Photographs of Hams
44KF6AR,Photographs of Hams
44W3NFK (In 1957),Photographs of Hams


The TMC GPR-90-RX Receiver and GSB-1 Sideband Adapter

Tinkering with a 1929 MOPA

An Effective 80-Meter Transmitting Antenna for Small Properties

An Easy, Variable-Voltage DC Power Supply

An Ocean Hopper with a TRF Stage, Part 2

The Restoration Corner

The Collins ART-13 Output Network Simplified

Restoring the National “Select-O-Ject”

Rare Hallicrafters Radio Found


Vintage Nets


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