ER #258, November 2010


Issue Contents

0WA6OPERizzuto,Photographs of Hams
2W7PJS,Photographs of Hams
2Technical Materiel Corp. GPT-750 B-2 AM Transmitter, Part 1, TheSpivack,Transmitters
8United States Forest Service SPF Transmitter, TheLong,Transmitters
21Collins KWM-380 Transceiver, Part 1, TheZonnefeld,Transceivers
23Jack Cosgrove,Photographs of Non-Hams
28R-390 Transceiver, A Concept for Homebrew Work, TheGuretzky,Modifications
33Lafayette KT-390 Starflite Transmitter, Part 1Weiss,Transmitters
42WA2EJT,Photographs of Hams
43K4JYS (In 1960),Photographs of Hams
43K6ZSR (In 1963),Photographs of Hams
45K1ANXZimmer,Photographs of Hams
46What Is the Heavy Metal Rally?Osterwald,Contests


Electric Radio #258, November 2010

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