ER #252, May 2010


Issue Contents

0Caitlin HalversonHalverson,Photographs of Non-hams
2Jack Williamson, W3GC, Radio Engineer and Entrepreneur, Part 2Hanlon,Companies and Individuals
2W3GC (In 1940's),Photographs of Hams
21E.H. Scott Philharmonic Receiver, TheTeeters,Receivers
26Damaged Knight-Kit TR-108 2-Meter AM Transceiver, ACovelli,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
31History of the Technicians and Two Meters, AWallace,Regulations
336-Meter Club of Chicago, Wheaton, IL,Hamfests/Conventions
34Vintage SSB Special Radio Set, Part 1, TheBohn,Construction
43Versatile T/R Controller, AIshmael,Construction
46K6KBEHalverson,Photographs of Hams
48JA1BHR (In 1975),Photographs of Hams


ER #252, May 2010

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