ER #247, December 2009

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Issue Contents

2Hammarlund HQ-120-X, TheHanlon,Receivers
12Christmas Eve at 20,000 FeetSmith,Miscellaneous - General
15Building a 50-Watt AM Modulator: A Repackaged Eico Model 730, Part 1Ishmael,Construction
23Audio for Heavy Metal Rigs, RevisitedQuinn,Audio and Modulation
26Homebrew 811A Linear Amplifier Built on a Flawed Premise, AManner,Construction
30Robert Dollar 2-Meter VHF Receiver, TheRiff,Receivers
33Conjugate-Match Controversy - 20 Years On, TheGordon-Smith,Miscellaneous - Technical
42National HRO-60 Receiver, Part 1Osterwald,Receivers
44WA2AUI,Photographs of Hams
45K3JRR,Photographs of Hams
45W3BYM,Photographs of Hams
46Photo Caption in Index 246 p.37,Photographs of Hams
46W6PVC (In 1941),Photographs of Hams
46WN8DHK (In 1962),Photographs of Hams
48Capital City Hamfest, Madison, WIJohnson,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #247, December 2009

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