ER #245, October 2009


Issue Contents

0W9BZ,Photographs of Hams
2Power Pentode, Tetrode and Triode Tube TesterMarcellino,Construction
8Battery-Powered, Tube-Type Microphone Preamp, AGeissinger,Construction
13WA0SPM,Photographs of Hams
14Audio for Heavy Metal RigsQuinn,Audio and Modulation
20Restringing the Dial Cord on the National NC-100 Series ReceiversRichards,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
26Popular Nechanics R-211 Receiver, TheBittner,Receivers
37Fishing Rod Skyhook, TheKuraner,Antennas
42VE4BX,Photographs of Hams
42Doug Beamish, VE4BX,Silent Keys


Electric Radio #245, October 2009

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