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ER #244, September 2009


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
0 W6OZI Halverson, Photographs of Hams
2 Eliminating the Heathkit VTVM Battery Marcellino, Test Equipment
7 Discussion of Military Headsets and Speakers, A From 1944 to 1990 Platt, Military
16 British HF AM Transmitter Gallery, The Panda Cub, Part 2, The Gordon-Smith, Transmitters
25 Residential Service and Utilization Voltages Reeve, Miscellaneous - Technical
30 Brief History of Automatic Telegraph Keys and Homebrewing Bugs and Paddles, A Login, Miscellaneous - General
38 32S-3 Speech Bandwidth Improvements Sherwood, Modifications
38 AGC and Product Detector Changes for the Collins 75S-3B/C Receivers Sherwood, Modifications
42 Swan VHF-150 2-Meter Linear Amplifier, The Riff, Amplifiers
45 Command Set Receiver Controller Update Long, Collecting/Repair/Restoration
45 Equipment Requirements for Successful Electronics Upgrades Felton, Collecting/Repair/Restoration
46 W6OZI , Photographs of Hams
48 K6GLH , Photographs of Hams
48 W6RXK , Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #244, September 2009

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