ER #240, May 2009


Issue Contents

2SPAM, The AM Press Exchange and the ER/AMI Connection, Part 1Grinder,Miscellaneous - General
8Compactron - Vackar VFO, TheMarcellino,Construction
20B&W 6100 Transmitter, TheHanlon,Transmitters
34New Life for Two ITT Mackay 3010-B Receivers, Part 2, AViappiani,Receivers
47W2GX (In 1954)Long,Photographs of Hams
48W9DVM (In 1960),Photographs of Hams
49K6DUY,Photographs of Hams
49KB6SCO,Photographs of Hams
49N7RCA,Photographs of Hams
49W6OZI,Photographs of Hams
49W6RXK,Photographs of Hams
49WB6GEF,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Issue #240, May 2009, 20th Anniversary Issue

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