ER #24, April 1991


Issue Contents

0W7KCK,Photographs of Hams
2Reflections Down the Feedline (Collecting)Huntley,Miscellaneous - General
3(Johnson) Viking II Broadcast Transmitter, AWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
4BC611 Handy Talky, The, ER In UniformHutchens,Military
11Mystery Collins PrototypeSnyder,Miscellaneous - Technical
11Mystery Collins PrototypeSnyder,Transceivers
12Curing that Valiant SoundStaples,Modifications
17DX-100, Outboard PTT for theHeiman,Modifications
18Bristol Wrenches,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Military Connectors,Another Source For,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Paint For Military Radios, Sources of Authentic,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Parts Storage,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
19NBFM Anyone?Wiseman,Miscellaneous - General
19Strange Digital Signal in 10 Meter AM WindowMiczak,Miscellaneous - General
19AM Activity on 15 MetersWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
22R390A Receiver: A Milestone in HF Communications, The, Part OneOsterwald,Military
26KB8FJ,Photographs of Hams
26WD5BMD,Photographs of Hams
27N5EIF,Photographs of Hams
27W0IWV,Photographs of Hams
28Elmac AF-67 Modulator FixWinfield,Modifications


ER #24, April 1991

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