ER #236, January 2009


Issue Contents

0G3UUR,Photographs of Hams
2The British HF AM Transmitter Gallery, K.W. Vanguard, Part 1Gordon-Smith,Transmitters
7High Performance Preselector UpdateOsterwald,Corrections
8TX Bench Mate Jr., The (Low Power Wattmeter/Dummy Load)Marcellino,Construction
14Almost The Littlest Scope (RCA 913, 902 & 906)Teeters,Test Equipment
18Gonset and Gonsett, Part 1Kuraner,Companies and Individuals
18R.R. Gonset,Photographs of Non-hams
19W6VR (In 1942),Photographs of Hams
24John Rollins Transmitter, TheHowes,Transmitters
32Trio 9R-59DS Receiver, TheWallace,Receivers
35An Ugly Balanced TunerSmith,Construction
39Carrier Level and Modulation Indicating Meter, ARieinartz,Construction
41Radio Planning Group Protects AMCourson,Miscellaneous - Operating
43K1MBX,Photographs of Hams
44Marriage of a DX-100/Apache and a Yaesu FT-101EEvanyk,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
46W3ZG,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Issue #236, January 2009

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