ER #229, June 2008

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Issue Contents

0W6RXKHalverson,Photographs of Hams
2Revisiting the Hammarlund Comet ProGrinder,Receivers
12Stancor 60-P Transmitter, TheMarquie,Transmitters
18AF-67 Special Edition, TheMarcellino,Transmitters
25Joy of Building, Part 2, TheBuchanan,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
29Joy of Building, Part 3, TheBuchanan,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
27AC/RF Probe for the HP-410C Voltmeter, AnSvoboda,Construction
33Two More Useful Equations for RF PA DesignGordon-Smith,Miscellaneous - Technical
447 and 10kc Mechanical Filters for the Collins 75A-4Osterwald,Reviews
45WA6VVL,Photographs of Hams
47WA2CBZ,Photographs of Hams
48KD7HJA,Photographs of Hams
48KF6AR,Photographs of Hams
48W6GER,Photographs of Hams
48W6ICM,Photographs of Hams
48W6ICM,Photographs of Hams
48WA6RBQ,Photographs of Hams


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Electric Radio Edition #229, June 2008

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