ER #228, May 2008


Issue Contents

0K3HVG,Photographs of Hams
2WWII Surplus and 144 MHzTeeters,Military
7RME-45 Revisted: Fun and Frustration, TheMiller,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
16Why Do We Collect?Kuraner,Miscellaneous - General
20Tilt-Over Vertical Antenna Mount, AVaughan,Antennas
21NR5Q,Photographs of Hams
28Product Detector for the HRO-60, ADecesari,Construction
35Joy of Building, Part 1, TheBuchanan,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
42Heathkit All-Wave Beginner's Radio, Model K-2, TheRancourt,Receivers
45Collins TriviaHalverson,Miscellaneous - General
46The San Luis Obisbo BC-191/375 TU Fine-Tune ProcedurePlatt,Military
47New-Old-813 Rig, MyToepfer,Transmitters


Electric Radio #228, May 2008

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