ER #227, April 2008


Issue Contents

0K8MIW,Photographs of Hams
2High Voltage AC-DC Voltmeter, AMarcellino,Construction
775-Meter Copper-Clad Peanut, TheSchliestett,Construction
12Low-Power Modulation Transformers: Substitution and ImprovisationGordon-Smith,Audio and Modulation
201951 Novice Station, AWiegand,Construction
27Unusual 40-Meter CW Receiver, AnYeich,Construction
24BC-375/191 Dynamotor ModificationsPlatt,Military
37French BC-699-C, ABasford,Military
42Radio Dust CoversHalverson,Reviews
44WB6ZBX,Photographs of Hams
45NI6Q,Photographs of Hams
46W1GUD,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Issue #227, April 2008

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