ER #226, March 2008


Issue Contents

0K2DYH,Photographs of Hams
2RCA Type 66-A Modulation Monitor, TheTeeters,Audio and Modulation
6HBR-16 Receiver with a W7QBR, Heath QF-1 and Drake 2-BQ Q-MultipliersBipes,Miscellaneous - Technical
18I Am Bud's BugDaso/Finger,Miscellaneous - General
22Milestones in the History of Amateur Radio: WNP (Wireless North Pole)Grinder,Miscellaneous - General
251TS (In 1923),Photographs of Hams
317DJ (In 1924),Photographs of Hams
34Powerside AMSehring,Miscellaneous - Technical
40Use Your Transceiver as a VFOHeidelman,Miscellaneous - Technical
40An LED Over-Modulation MeterHeidelman,Audio and Modulation
40Regular Mic preamp for Carbon-Mic-Only TransmitttersHeidelman,Audio and Modulation
42Moving Day - A Gates BC-1TJohnston,Miscellaneous - General
43WB8UTW,Photographs of Hams
43WD8DAS,Photographs of Hams
44Shelby Hamfest, TheBaldwin,Hamfests/Conventions
46NB9M,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #226, March 2008

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