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ER #223, December 2007


Issue Contents

# Article Author Category
3 Five Tubes, Five Bands, Fifty Watts: The Evolution of El Jefe (the Chief), a Homebrew Transmitter Buchanan, Construction
12 Solid-State Rectifier Modification for the National NC-183D Nash, Modifications
15 QSL Cards Vaughan, Miscellaneous - General
23 Modifying a Fair Radio Sales BC-348 Power Supply D'Antuono, Modifications
26 US Army Engineer Communications in the 34th Engineer Group, Vietnam 1967 to 1968, Part 2 Will, Military
29 KD3ZK , Photographs of Hams
34 Knight-Kit TR-108 2-Meter Transceiver, The Riff, Transceivers
36 Book Review - Eric Wenaas Radiola: The Golden Age of RCA Grinder, Reviews
43 Bandwidth-Based Coordination Scheme Again Stings ARRL Courson, Regulations


ER Issue #223, December 2007

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