ER #222, November 2007


Issue Contents

0K6IRD,Photographs of Hams
0Photographs of Hams,Photographs of Hams
21938 National Transmitters, Part 5, The NC-600 National 600-Watt Transmitter, TheHanlon,Transmitters
3W6KLG,Photographs of Hams
11RF Performance Testing of the R-390A Receiver, Part 2, Testing and Understanding R-390A PerformanceFeldmann,Military
20Mars MT-75 Thunderbird Mobile Transmitter, TheEvanyk,Transmitters
25US Army Engineer Communications in the 34th Engineer Group, Vietnam 1967 to 1968, Part 1Will,Military
28W3LW (In 1967),Photographs of Hams
30Those Pesky 70-Volt Audio TransformersMurphy,Miscellaneous - Technical
3750C5 Transmitter, AMinshall,Construction
43International Band Plan Hurts AMCourson,Regulations
45W6IRD,Photographs of Hams
46K6IRD,Photographs of Hams
47WA6VCR,Photographs of Hams
47WU2D,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Edition #222, November 2007

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