ER #218, July 2007


Issue Contents

0N6ZUHalverson,Photographs of Hams
21938 National Transmitters, Part 1, The National NTE Exciter, TheHanlon,Transmitters
11Absolutely Final Final, 40 Year of Building Tips, Part 1, TheKurtz/Halverson,Amplifiers
11N6ZU,Photographs of Hams
21Vintage Linear Amplifiers, Part 1Kuraner,Amplifiers
27Wilcox CW3 and F3 Receivers, TheTeeters,Receivers
311937 US Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat Radiotelephone, A (R104/T-104)Johnson,Military
35Building the 1956 Science and Mechanics Sun-Powered RadioIshmael,Construction
43N6NKNTumey,Photographs of Hams
43W2ZMHanlon,Photographs of Hams
44W9AZR (K7DU in 1950),Photographs of Hams
46W0TUT,Photographs of Hams
46WN0TUT (W0TUT in 1954),Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Issue #218, July 2007

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