ER #216, May 2007


Issue Contents

0KI4JHA,Photographs of Hams
2Radio Receiver R-100/URR, The Troop Morale ReceiverCassidy,Military
7Collins 150C Transmitter, TheFirey,Transmitters
13Work of Art: A Collins 30K-1 Time Capsule Found, Part 2Howes,Transmitters
20Mini-Max: A Practical Transmitter Using Unusual Concepts, A Part 2Marcellino,Construction
26Broadcast and Amateur Transmitter Audio Revisited, Part 2Kuraner,Audio and Modulation
32Milestones in the History of Amateur Radio: The Radio Act of 1912, Part 1Grinder,Miscellaneous - General
33Joseph Dane Jr. (In 1913),Photographs of Hams
36160 Meter Modifications for the Collins ART-13 TransmitterSmith,Military
38AM Transmit Filter Modification for the Drake TR7 TransceiverCovelli,Modifications


Electric Radio issue #217, May 2007

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