ER #211, December 2006


Issue Contents

2Microphone Selection and PhasingMarcellino,Construction
6Lafayette Professional 9 Receiver, TheCassidy,Receivers
12Milestones in the History of Amateur Radio: Reginald Fessenden's Radio Broadcast, A Centennial CommemorationGrinder,Miscellaneous - General
16Heathkit HW-100 AM Transceiver, TheKuraner,Modifications
20KF0TGSmith,Photographs of Hams
20KK1KSmith,Photographs of Hams
20KW1ISmith,Photographs of Hams
20N3FRQSmith,Photographs of Hams
20N3ODSmith,Photographs of Hams
20W2DGBSmith,Photographs of Hams
20W3OSSSmith,Photographs of Hams
20W3PWWSmith,Photographs of Hams
20WA2EJTSmith,Photographs of Hams
20WB3CTCSmith,Photographs of Hams
20William DonzelliSmith,Photographs of Hams
20Military Radio Collectors Association Meet - 2006Gagnon,Photographs of Hams
20AD3FSmith,Photographs of Hams
20K0RMKSmith,Photographs of Hams
20K2WISmith,Photographs of Hams
20K4CHESmith,Photographs of Hams
20KA3AISSmith,Photographs of Hams
20KA3EKHSmith,Photographs of Hams
21K4CHEGagnon,Photographs of Hams
22KK1KSmith,Photographs of Hams
22KW1ISmith,Photographs of Hams
22N1PHVSmith,Photographs of Hams
22W1NZRSmith,Photographs of Hams
22K2WISmith,Photographs of Hams
22K4CHESmith,Photographs of Hams
23KA3EKHSmith,Photographs of Hams
23KK1KSmith,Photographs of Hams
24N3NNGSmith,Photographs of Hams
25K2WISmith,Photographs of Hams
26The Other Guy's PRC-10: The Chinese Army Model 884 VHF Packset TransceiverPlatt,Military
29WA2PJP,Photographs of Hams
29Knight-Kit R-100A and T-150A Story, ARose,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
34W9BSP (In 1930's),Photographs of Hams
34W9UA (In 1930's),Photographs of Hams
34W9ARA and W9BSP, Two Who Made a Difference, Part 1Vaughan,Companies and Individuals
359BSP (In 1923),Photographs of Hams
359UA (In 1923),Photographs of Hams
41K9EID,Photographs of Hams
42KE4IDSchartau,Photographs of Hams
42N4DKDSchartau,Photographs of Hams
42W4AEESchartau,Photographs of Hams
42K0BSSchartau,Photographs of Hams
42K4BKCSchartau,Photographs of Hams
42K4TQRSchartau,Photographs of Hams
42K4UXKSchartau,Photographs of Hams
43W0CMH,Photographs of Hams
43K0HEH,Photographs of Hams
43K0OJ,Photographs of Hams
43K6GLH,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Issue #211, December 2006

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