ER #208, September 2006

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Issue Contents

0W3PWWGagnon,Photographs of Hams
2National NC-98 Receiver, TheTeeters,Receivers
7Fall 2006 Classic Exchange AnnouncementMac Aulay,Contests
8Improving the Performance of My R-390A (Part 2, Audio, AGC, Detector)Feldmann,Military
16Tubes Tested FreeVaughan,Miscellaneous - General
23Rebuilding the E.F. Johnson Viking Adventurer, Part 1Ishmael,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
30High Performance AGC for the R-390AHatch,Military
36AM Broadcast Transmitter Log, The (Part 14, The 250-Watt Broadcast Transmitters)Kuraner,Transmitters
41Gonset Sidewinder 2-Meter Transceiver, TheRiff,Transceivers
43Renaissance in Amateur RadioWeaver,Miscellaneous - General


ER #208, September 2006

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