ER #203, April 2006


Issue Contents

2Stancor 20P, TheHanlon,Transmitters
7Putting the Amplitude Back Into AMDorrough,Miscellaneous - Technical
11How to Rescue a TransmitterCourson,Miscellaneous - General
13K3MSB,Photographs of Hams
14KC0RIJ,Photographs of Hams
15Milestones in the History of Amateur Radio: The Transatlantic Sending Tests, 1921-1924Grinder,Miscellaneous - General
162ZE (In 1922),Photographs of Hams
21Poly-Comm 2 Transceiver, TheRiff,Transceivers
23Using RF Chokes in Colpitts VFO'sMacDonald,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
24High-Performance Audio for the R-390 AM Reception, Part 2Feldmann,Modifications
30Ham Radio's Twins: The Morrow MB-560 Transmitter and Falcon ReceiverSmith,Receivers
30Ham Radio's Twins: The Morrow MB-560 Transmitter and Falcon ReceiverSmith,Transmitters
33AM Broadcast Transmitter Log, The (Part 9, The McMartin BA-1K & Continental 1KW)Kuraner,Transmitters
37Further Applications of Classic TransmittersTowers & Duncan ,Miscellaneous - General
39New Viking Valiant, Part 1 (Johnson), TheFelton,Modifications


Electric Radio #203, April 2006

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