ER #198, November 2005


Issue Contents

0W4CT,Photographs of Hams
1W2HBEW2HBE,Photographs of Hams
2Meissner Signal Calibrator, TheTeeters,Test Equipment
7Variocoupler Era RadioShrader,Miscellaneous - Technical
13Simple 2005 Antenna Tuner, TheField,Construction
18Seven-Foot-High Antenna with 9-db Gain, ABarry,Antennas
20AM Broadcast Transmitter Log, The (Part 5, The Gates/Harris BC-1 Series)Kuraner,Transmitters
27Simplified T/R Relay SequencingChester,Construction
30Converting an Old Oscilloscope into a Modulation MonitorRichards,Audio and Modulation
34Feeding Multiple Receivers the Hybrid Way, Part 1Gordon-Smith,Miscellaneous - Technical
39The SX-101A, Hallicrafters' Heavyweight Champion, Part 3Dennison,Receivers


Electric Radio issue #198, November 2005

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