ER #194, July 2005


Issue Contents

0WJ6W,Photographs of Hams
2Harvey Wells R-9 Receiver and T-90 TransmitterTeeters,Receivers
2Harvey Wells R-9 Receiver and T-90 TransmitterTeeters,Transmitters
10AM Broadcast Transmitter Log, The (Part 1, Introduction)Kuraner,Transmitters
14Milestones in the History of Amateur Radio: Silent Periods, 1923-1924Grinder,Miscellaneous - General
17Different Kind of 6L6 Rig, ALucas,Construction
22Rocky Road to Ham Radio, The (Part 1)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
28Some Guidance on the Use of Ceramic FiltersGordon-Smith,Miscellaneous - Technical
34Mechanically Fine Tune Your R-390ARobson,Modifications
39Linear Plate Modulation of Single-Grid Class-C RF Amplifiers, Part 1Stout,Audio and Modulation
40W6IRD,Photographs of Hams
40WA6HCX,Photographs of Hams
41KO6NM,Photographs of Hams
41NI6Q,Photographs of Hams
41WB6ACU,Photographs of Hams
41WJ6W,Photographs of Hams
42K7CAX,Photographs of Hams
42K7JEB,Photographs of Hams
42K7SA,Photographs of Hams
42KC7BGE,Photographs of Hams
42KD7EQ,Photographs of Hams
42KE7ASK,Photographs of Hams
42KO6SM,Photographs of Hams
42N7JUG,Photographs of Hams
42N7RK,Photographs of Hams
42NE7X,Photographs of Hams
42W5RCQ,Photographs of Hams
42WA0KDS,Photographs of Hams
43W5JM (In 1950 as W5SIH)Raymond,Photographs of Hams
44K2DK,Photographs of Hams
44W5ODHalverson,Photographs of Hams
44W7AVKRolfness,Photographs of Hams
44WB5WUXHalverson,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #194, July 2005

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